Image Zoom on the stages of spiritual evolution

Zoom on the stages of spiritual evolution

Since birth, man has continuously been evolving. There are different remarkable stages throughout man's evolution. In fact, man goes through physical and spiritual development. Spiritual growth is the real essence of man's evolution, because the true values are recognized through the inner being but not through the shape.

Man goes through many stages of spiritual development before man fulfills his evolution. In fact, man has to go through seven stages. Each stage is characterized by unique, specific features. Yet, it is necessary for man to go through each of them in order to reach perfection. To attain peace and inner fulfillment, it is crucial to know how to develop spiritually.

Here is a zoom on the different stages of spiritual evolution

Instinctive conscience

This is the initial stage of spiritual evolution. On the onset, man does not possess any knowledge, he is still in the darkness of absolute ignorance. Instinctive conscience enables man to rely only on his sensory organs and on his materialistic vision. At this first stage, man's main preoccupations consist of satisfying his basic needs.

Collective conscience

When he reaches the second stage, spiritual evolution refers to man's ability to build relations with the other humans. Collective conscience enhances the abilities of man's sensory organs. As a result, man is sorting out everything in his surroundings at this level, and then, he chooses what suits him. At this second stage of spiritual evolution, man starts to believe in God.

Mental stage

It is only at this third stage of development that man knows about his individuality. In other words, man develops his distinctive characteristics at this level. His perspective is focused on the quest of truth and knowledge. This stage relates to philosophical spirit which enhances the use of reason to develop intellectual curiosity.

The causal stage

This is the fourth stage of spiritual evolution; it enables man to establish a connection with his soul. At this stage, man initiates in love and engages in spiritual love. The individual tries to eliminate any obstacles which may cross his path in his quest for the truth. Thus, it is only at this level that spirituality begins to gradually develop. This stage enables the individual to become interested in the invisible world and he gets in touch with it.


It is the fifth stage of spiritual growth. At this level, love reaches its culmination point. At this stage of evolution, man is preoccupied with his quest for peace. If he is endowed with super-consciousness, man will definitely have inner peace. Any individuals who work fully for the promotion of peace are obviously super-conscious. It is the stage where the peace ambassador Prem Rawat fits into.

Intuitive conscience of the soul

This sixth stage is marked by the absence of ego in man. Therefore, the individual will act as a messenger of peace in his state of mind. That leads Prem Rawat to transmit messages of peace all over the world. At this level, man senses the vibrations and the required energy to express himself intellectually. The intuitive conscience of the soul enables man to have serenity in the soul; his soul is indifferent to any emotions and physical constraints.

Cosmic consciousness

This is the highest stage of spiritual evolution. Any individual who has reached this stage enters a dimension in which his spirit is in intrinsic connection with the divinity. At this final stage, man is able to harmonize his body, his soul and his spirit.